Vehicle Tracking System (GPS SYSTEM)


1) Live Tracking : Get all Vehicles current Information Including Vehicle Number, Status Time, Vehicle Speed, Vehicle Status and Current Position in textual Format.

2) Playback Tracking : Track Vehicles with Information Including Vehicle Number, Vehicle Speed, Vehicle Position on map with route.

3) Detailed History On Map : The feature of Detailed History on map is provided. Previous days (till last 3 months) travel history of Vehicles with every stops on Google Maps can be viewed to Identify Surrounding Landmarks.

4) Locate Stoppage : The Feature of locate stoppage is provided to view previous days all the stoppage of vehicle on map.

5) Speed Alert : This feature is to make sure vehicle is running within the Speed Limit. Whenever a given vehicle runs Off limits an alert is sent to Owner.

6) Overstay Alert : This Feature is to make sure that the Vehicle does not stay more than the limit set up by the owner. It gives an alert if the stay time more than that put by client.

7) GPS On/Off : This Features gives an alert on GPS Signals whether On/Off.

8) Power cut/tamper GPS device : This feature gives an alert on any kind of power cut.

9) Towing : This alert gives an alert on any kind of vehicle movement like, Towing.

10) Idling : This feature gives an alert on device idle.